I will take care of ALL the children's entertainment at your party. Each party is tailored to your preferences and to the age of the guests. If you are having a themed party I will adapt all the games to the theme.

These are the structures I would suggest for a two hour party for the different age ranges but I am very flexible!

Ages 2-3 Years

I would suggest starting with some face or hand painting as they arrive and settle in. The first hour would continue with parachute games and a bubble disco with simple fun dancing games (2-3 year olds cannot seem to get enough bubbles in their lives!!).
An hour in would be FOOD TIME! While they are eating I can make them all a balloon model and keep them happy at the table.
After their food I do a comedy magic routine with lots of interaction and some magic wishes.
I would round up the second half with more dancing and of course bubbles!

Ages 4-6 Years

I would start with an interactive funny story which concludes with the challenge of me having to find and entertain a group of children for 2 hours. I would continue with lively party games, including parachute games, magic and lots of dancing!
While they are eating I would make them all a balloon model.
The second half can start with pass the parcel (if requested) then some more active games, with different dancing games and maybe teaching a simple routine.
By the end they will all be exhausted yet exhilarated!

Ages 7-9 Years

Older children enjoy parties where the stakes are a little higher, like mystery/spy parties or drama parties.
I would start by explaining what we have to achieve and how I need their help. Then together we would set about solving the mystery using quizzes and many games they already know but themed to fit the party and ages.
During food time I would make them all balloon models (slightly more sophisticated ones!).
In the second half we would continue with more active games and a disco, by this age they are often very good at picking up routines and enjoy the more difficult disco games!

As I've said I'm very flexible, this is just what I have found works well!